Official name: Republic of Armenia

Official language: Armenian

Population: 2,925 000

Territory: 29.74 thousand square kilometres

Currency: dram (ADM)[1]

Capital: Yerevan


The President of the Republic of Armenia is the head of State. The President ensures adherence by the Constitution and provides for regular functioning of legislative, executive and judicial authorities. The President of Republic is elected by the citizens of the Republic of Armenia for a five-year term of office. The single-chambered National Assembly is the supreme legislative authority of the Republic of Armenia. The National Assembly is elected through general elections for a term of five years.

The European Union and Armenia have concluded negotiations on a new bilateral agreement. The new agreement will provide a framework for the European Union and Armenia to continue working together to further enhance relations. The CEPA will strengthen cooperation in sectors of energy, transport, environment and trade.



Armenia is party to drug-related international conventions: