Webinar - Improving Parallel Financial Investigations for LEA´s in Ukraine


From 16th to 17th June EU-ACT Ukraine has organised a two days webinar, chaired by the head of Ukrainian FIU Academy Prof. Anton Chubenko, with more than 120 Ukrainian practitioners from all Ukrainian´s LEA´s. Also 5 international top-level EU experts in the field have participated: one from EU-ACT (José Manuel Colodrás), two from EUAM (Frantisek SAILER and Mr. Oscar Rey), one expert and officer or EUDEL in Moldova (Igoris Krzeckovskis) and above all the President of Moneyval and representative of the Polish Government (Ms. Elżbieta Franków-Jaskiewicz). All of them have extensive and in-depth experience in Ukraine and adapted the presentations to national needs.

There is a consensus in all EU countries on the increasing risk of penetration of the licit economy by serious and organized crime and that the most effective way to face this challenge is through financial investigations, considered as an essential tool of a modern and effective response to criminal threats including drug trafficking.

In many cases, financial investigations are necessary to develop evidence against sophisticated, high-level criminals with a view to dismantling transnational and organized crime networks.

EU Member States have agreed to make financial investigations a fundamental component of all OC investigations. Discussions on the implementation of international agreements also stress the need to enhance financial investigations and criminal financial analyses in all phases of a criminal investigation and prosecution.

In this context, the EU supports the integration of financial investigation and criminal financial analysis to become a standard part of the investigation of a law enforcement technique throughout the Member States for all serious and organized crime (not only financial crimes) cases.

As essential part of their strategies EU-ACT and EUAM are supporting the work of the Ukrainian FIU and LEA´s in this field by

  • Improving cooperation with the FIU providing training on analysis of financial data and financial investigations.
  • Reinforcing networking and communication among FIU and LEA´s.
  • Promoting engagement of FIU and LEA´s with international organizations in particular with EUROPOL.

For these reasons, EU-ACT Project in Ukraine decided to promote training courses for LEA´s in Ukraine. This support started in 2018 with numerous training and seminars, and this is the second training with the mentioned partners under the umbrella of FIU Academy and the first time that is conducted in an on-line format.

The feedback from participants is very positive, and the training would be recognized as formal training by FIU Academy by the delivery of the correspondent certificate of attendance.