Study visit to the Spanish Penitentiary Service, Madrid, Spain


EU-ACT - Georgia organised a study visit on 2-4 December for the representatives of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia, Special Penitentiary Service and National Probation Agency to the General Secretariat for Penitentiary Institutions of the Ministry of Interior of the Kingdom of Spain.

The purpose of the visit was to introduce the Georgian delegation with the rehabilitation programmes in the Spanish Penitentiary Service and learn about the functionality of such programmes for inmates with drug or other substance addiction problems.

On the first day of the visit, representatives of the Georgian delegation had a meeting with Mr Angel Luis Ortiz Gonzalez, Secretary General of the Penitentiary Institutions of the Ministry of Interior of the Kingdom of Spain. The Secretary General introduced the participants with the Spanish Penitentiary Service, security criteria, types of penitentiary facilities and internal classification system of inmates, different rehabilitation and resocialisation programmes and novelties that have been established within the Spanish Penitentiary Institutions. In addition, Georgian participants also paid visits to two penitentiary facilities in Soto Del Real and Alcala de Henares. The primary goal of the visits was to see how the rehabilitation programmes function on the ground, in different penitentiary facilities.

After the visit and with the support of EU-ACT project, representatives of the Georgian Penitentiary Service and Probation Agency in cooperation with the Spanish experts will continue to further develop and build rehabilitation programme for inmates having drug dependence problems in Georgian prisons.