Review of drug rehabilitation pilot programme in prisons


EU-ACT South Caucasus Regional Office in Tbilisi supports development of drugs rehabilitation programme in prisons in Georgia. For this purpose, two experts from Spanish Penitentiary Institutions have visited Tbilisi to conduct assessment of the rehab pilot programme designed by Special Penitentiary Service of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia from 12th to 16th November 2018.

In frames of EU-ACT project activity, experts-psychologists have visited four different penitentiary facilities (located in and out of Tbilisi) where they have interviewed inmates who have completed the pilot rehab programme. In addition, Spanish experts also had interviews with facilitators- social workers and psychologists who had been engaged with inmates.

The five days visit aimed to produce a comprehensive assessment report of the drugs rehabilitation programme in order to develop and expand for other penitentiary facilities in Georgia.

EU-ACT Regional Office will continue to support Special Penitentiary Service of Ministry of Justice of Georgia.