Developing Rehabilitation Programme for substance dependent inmates in Georgian Penitentiary Service and Probation Agency


Since the Covid-19 outbreak, EU-ACT Georgia has delivered the first face to face and a semi-online workshop in Tbilisi at the Training Centre of Justice. Last week ( 7 - 11 Sept 2020) EU-ACT project has successfully completed a workshop on rehabilitation programme for drugs and substance dependent people in Special Penitentiary Service of Georgia and the Probation Agency.

The purpose of the workshop was to support Georgian agencies to develop national wide rehabilitation programme for people who are dependent on drugs and other illegal substances. The workshop was led by the Spanish non-key expert, Carlos Fernandez from Madrid who had previously reviewed the rehabilitation programme document and provided his suggestions and written recommendations to further improve the programme in order to have fully complied with the European standards.

The week long workshop was dedicated to the topics important to accurately develop and improve the rehab programme. The topics reviewed were as follows: understanding of logical module, goals and objectives of the rehabilitation programme, outcome/effectivity and types of intervention, theoretical approaches, involvement/expulsion criteria, assessment of sessions, storage of the results and management in crisis situations. The team of specialists (psychologists and social workers) from both the Special Penitentiary Service and Probation Agency have drafted the document. The fourth day of the workshop was dedicated to human resources management, profession of specialists, supervision and trainings.  The NKE shared his expertise and knowledge about how supervision is managed in Spain and what sort of trainings the specialists do require to successfully implement the programmes.

At the very last day of the workshop, Georgian NKE, Irma Kirtadze provided preliminary findings for drafting Assessment Instruments for the programme. On the other hand, Spanish NKE reviewed instruments existed in Spain to evaluate various rehabilitation programmes in the penitentiary institutions.