Workshop on Money Laundering and Drug Related Crimes, Tbilisi, 30-31 January 2019


The EU-ACT project organised a workshop on Money Laundering and Drug Related Crimes at the Office of Prosecutor's General of Georgia on 30-31 January 2019.

The workshop delivered by Austrian and Lithuanian experts covered topics as typologies and methods of Money Laundering, Criminal and Financial Intelligence, International Cooperation, offshore companies, cryptocurrencies, use of darknet and cybercrime. During the workshop, a case task was also given to the participants to make a brief presentation in five groups.

The workshop was dedicated for Georgian prosecutors, investigators of Ministry of Internal Affairs and Financial Investigation Service of the Ministry of Finance, officers of Revenue Service, analysts of Financial Monitoring Service and judges of Tbilisi City Court.

The workshop was opened by Mr. Giorgi Gogadze -Deputy Prosecutor General, Mr. Thomas Carter-EU-ACT Team Leader and Mr. Catalin Gherman - Deputy Head of Cooperation Section of the Delegation of the European Union to Georgia. 

EU-ACT project will further continue to support capacity development of Georgian law enforcement officers and prosecutors with other activities related to fighting against drugs and organised crime in 2019.