Workshop on Management and Evaluation of the Rehab Program in Prisons


First workshop organized by the EU-ACT Project with the participation of beneficiaries through video-conference. 

On Tuesday 31st March the first workshop online organized by the EU-ACT Project started, with the participation of beneficiary institutions through video-conference.  The three days' workshop will take place in the framework of the Rehabilitation program for inmates (convicts and pre-trial detainees) with mental and behavioral disorders due to the use of psychoactive substances for the State Criminal Executive Service of Ukraine. The EU-Experts have drafted a Manual of Administration and Evaluation that will be discussed in this webinar.

The Program of Rehabilitation is taking place in five Ukrainian Prisons, with different inmates' profile (including a women prison and a prison with convicted to life sentences). The drug abuse substances are also quite different, and it implies, as it was shown during the first sessions, some adaptation of the Program. In the prison of Bucha is conducted jointly with an Opioid substitution therapy (OST) using Methadone.

One of the main problems of the Program is the motivation and the pressure of criminal subculture in prisons. For this reason, the fact that the Program is running in all the prisons can be considered an enormous achievement and a result of the excellent addressed Program adapted to the Ukrainian reality jointly by the EU and Ukrainian experts.

It deserves to be underlined that Chernihiv's women prison started the Program by own initiative after the participation of some officers from this colony in one training course. Some officers attended a trainer of trainers, and without any direct support of the EU experts (that usually conduct together with the experts of the prisons, the initial sessions and provide and ad hoc support) started to run the Program in their center.