Workshop on Drugs and the Darknet in Tbilisi, Georgia


EU-ACT organised a regional workshop on Drugs and the Darknet in partnership with Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia, on 16 - 17 May 2019 in Tbilisi.

The regional workshop aimed to address the techniques and methodologies that might be used to detect on-line sellers of drugs; to identify their customers; to identify the ‘real-world’ people behind the on-line activity; and to look at methods of tackling and exploiting cryptocurrency payments, as well as interdicting drug shipments. In addition, participants of the workshop shared their experience, including the challenges and solutions arising during the investigation of real cases related to drugs and the darknet. Furthermore, the purpose of the meeting was to promote and enhance international cooperation through creating networking opportunities for law enforcement officers and investigators.

The workshop was opened by Mr Peter Danis from the Delegation of the European Union in Georgia, Mr Manuel Marion Meiner, EU-ACT Project Deputy and Mr Giorgi Kokaia, Deputy Director of Central Criminal Police Department of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia.

International experts from National Crime Agency (NCA) and Criminal Intelligence Service of Austria and Drugs Enforcement Agency (DEA) together with investigators from Georgia, Estonia, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania and Ukraine participated in the workshop.