Workshop on Collaborative Working in Government


EU-ACT project and the Office of the Prosecutor’s General of Georgia have organised a multi-sectoral collaborative workshop. The one-day meeting aimed to enhance coordination and cooperation among Georgian institutions to fight against drug abuse and drug-related crimes. The Collaborative workshop was held on 25th June at Tbilisi Marriot Hotel. The second collaborative workshop will be organised by the end of this year with the support of EU-ACT project.

The meeting was opened with the presentation ’’Collaborative Working in Government’’ delivered by the EU-ACT regional coordinator in Georgia, Mr. David Morgan. EU-ACT Regional Coordinator reviewed collaborative work of the government in relation to drug policy in the United Kingdom.

During the meeting, representatives of the Georgian ministries and institutions discussed current challenges and issues related to the supply of illicit drugs. In addition, participants also reviewed existing problems concerning harm reduction, healthcare needs of drug addicts and prevention at schools.

Representatives of up to ten Georgian governmental agencies participated in the workshop. Among them, representatives of the Office of Prosecutor’s General, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport, Office of Resources Officers of Educational Institutions, Revenue Service, Centre for Mental Health and Prevention of Addiction (CMHPA) and National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC).