VI Meeting Ukrainian Drug Research WG, Lutsk, Ukraine


The 12 and 13 of April took place the VI Ukraine Drug Research Working Group (UDRWG) in Volyn Research Expert Criminal Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Lutsk. EU-ACT Project in Ukraine organized the event in a hybrid format keeping all the sanitary measures: some members and associates of the WG were present in the mentioned facilities. Others, including EU experts, participated online.

The WG agreed to organize the VII and VIII UDR WG if COVID-19 conditions allowed it in Kharkiv and Kyiv. In the final meeting, the WG will present the results and the Roadmap for the following years. In this closing event, they will participate high-level representatives of all the institutions of the WG.

The labs' members agreed to start the III Inter-agency Collaborative Exercise, following the successful 2019 and 2020 experiences. The Kyiv Forensic Institute of Expertise of MoJ again will organize this activity.

The WG is engaged in the amendment of legislation that will allow the circulation of controlled substances among forensic labs for scientific and training purposes.

The internal organization of the WG in the future was also one of the topics the group was discussing once the EU-ACT Project finish.

Another of their milestones is the implementation of a quick procedure to enlist New Psychoactive Substances in Ukraine. These are the WG priorities that, together with the MoH, responsible Strategy of the State Drug Policy for the Period until 2030, will try to implement in the mid and long term, and the  UDR WG Roadmap will reflect.