Trainings for the Office of the Resource Officers in Tbilisi


EU-ACT project with international experts from Poland organised training on Motivational Interviewing related to the substance abuse prevention for the specialists working at the Psychosocial Service Centre of LEPL Office of the Resource Officers of Educational Institutions on 30 September to 4 October.

The EU Action against Drugs and Organised Crime (EU-ACT) funded by the European Commission and implemented by FIIAPP continues to support Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Georgia and its LEPL Office of the Resource Officers of Educational Institutions to improve drugs and substance abuse prevention activities for pupils and children at risk.

One-week intensive training on Motivational Interviewing delivered by the EU-ACT experts covered theoretical and practical aspects of the Motivational Interviewing.  The training was also enriched with practical exercises and discussions for 32 psychologists and social workers who work at schools in Tbilisi and outside, in the regions of Georgia.

Prior to this, Professor, Dr. hab. Krzystof Ostaszewski, Researcher at the Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology of Poland and Dr Boguslawa Bukowska, Deputy Director of the National Bureau of Drug Prevention have visited Georgia to conduct need assessment for the resource officers, psychologists, social workers and community police officers of the LEPL Office of the Resource Officers of Educational Institutions.

As a result of the need assessment report, EU-ACT project local office in Tbilisi has organised the first set of training for the specialists. The second phase of this activity will be held in early January, 2020.  The process in between these trainings involve supervision of the specialists from the experts.