Training on profiling passengers to Police Officers in Uganda


Thirty detectives attached to the Department of Anti-Narcotics are being empowered with skills to curb Transnational Organised Crime specifically in relation to the movement of narcotics across different countries and continents in Entebbe, Uganda from 1st to 4th April 2019

Uganda Police is aware of the increasement of seizing of drugs – mainly heroine- in European airports brought by couriers travelling from airports in African countries, and they have requested EU-ACT Project to organize a training on passenger profiling and investigation skills for counternarcotic police staff and investigators at the Entebbe airport.

The training is being facilitated by the European Police [EURO-COP] under the EU-ACT Project, and will focus closely on passenger profiling, identification of high-risk travellers as well as phone mining and analysis. Experts from Belgian Police, in particular, BELPIU (Passengers Information Unit), and from Airport Interdiction Task Force, in Slovak Republic, will share their knowledge with trainees.

IGP J.M Okoth Ochola in his opening speech’s said that, “The Anti-Narcotics Department was established with the objective of ensuring that narcotics trafficking, growing and abuse in the country are checked. Though the department is still small, we are building its capacity through training and provision of investigative tools to carry out effective investigations. Trafficking in narcotics is a transnational –organized crime, committed by criminals that are highly organized, have all the money and are not limited by boarder, that is why there should be an effort to have drug trafficking fought”

Uganda has slowly gained interest from drug traffickers using it as transit route for drugs destined for Europe and America. For example, in 2018 sixteen (16) traffickers of different nationalities were intercepted at Entebbe international airport with drugs heading to Europe, Asia, or America. Nine (9) cases of trafficking of narcotics via Currier companies to Europe were also registered last year.