Training on motivational interviewing, Tbilisi, Georgia


EU-ACT project with international experts from Poland organized Advanced Training on Motivational Interviewing related to the substance abuse prevention for the specialists working at the Psychosocial Service Centre of LEPL Office of the Resource Officers of Educational Institutions. The week-long advanced training was held from 13 to 17 January 2020.

The advanced training is a follow up to basic training for the specialists of the Resource Officers of Educational Institutions which was organized in September 2019. The process in between these sessions involved the supervision of the specialists from the experts.

The advanced training for 32 specialists covered topics as practical aspects of the Motivational interviewing, case studies, exercises, advanced techniques of MI, analysis of MI, instruments to assess communication in MI, etc. The training was enriched with various practical exercises in small groups which helped the specialists to advance and practice their skills in Motivational interviewing.

Prior to these two training activities, Professor, Dr. hab. Krzystof Ostaszewski, Researcher at the Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology of Poland and Dr. Boguslawa Bukowska, Deputy Director of the National Bureau of Drug Prevention have visited Georgia to conduct need assessment for the resource officers, psychologists, social workers and community police officers of the LEPL Office of the Resource Officers of Educational Institutions.