Training of Trainers (ToT) on Rehabilitation Program for Inmates, Chernihiv, Ukraine


Ukraine EU-ACT Project conducted a Training of Trainers (ToT) in Chernihiv Academy of the State Criminal Executive Service of Ukraine (SCES) on Rehabilitation Program for Inmates that used psychoactive substances in Ukrainian prisons.

During 2018 and 2019 several activities were implemented in the context of the EU-ACT project in order to improve the drug treatment practices currently delivered in the SCES correctional colonies: assessment of psychological intervention programs in the SCES colonies, design of the a manual of a drug treatment program in close cooperation with Ukrainian professionals (by on-site workshops, online drafting), publication and presentation of Manal, study visit of Ukrainian experts and policymakers from Ukraine to Penitentiary Administration (including visit to prisons and rehabilitation centres in Spain), training of trainers, and above all the pilot implementation of the Rehabilitation Program in 2 colonies of the Penitentiary Administration of Ukraine (colonies of Bucha and Boryspil).

Two experts of EU-ACT from Penitentiary Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Spain are conducting the second training of trainers in the Academy of State Criminal Executive Service of Ukraine, located in Chernihiv.

The attendees of this training are experts from the prisons of Sumi and Romy (next pilots of the project), experts from staff from the psychiatric center of Dnipro form the Ministry of Health of Ukraine that will also implement this program and trainer from the Academy of Chernihiv and Training Center of Bila-Tserka. A total of 20 (twenty) attendees.

This fives days training course is essential for experts but will also allow to include this program in the regular curricula of the Academy (Chernihiv) and even as a module in post-graduates Training Center of Bila-Tserka.

The approach is bit theoretical but practical, and it follows the sessions that the professional will deliver to inmates, in this regard, this training is very interested because it will allow making a final adaptation of the instruction after the first experiences in Bucha and Boryspil prisons.