Training of trainers' course on drug trafficking and drug related crimes


EU-ACT organised a training of trainers’ course on drug trafficking and drug related crimes at the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia on 25-29 March, 2019.

A five-day course aimed to enhance the knowledge and skills of investigators of Central Criminal Police Department as well as the instructors of the Academy in relation with drug related transnational organised crime, Money Laundering and Parallel Financial Investigation, Darknet and Cryptocurrencies, Informant Handling, Special Investigative Techniques, Intelligence Led Policing and Information Intelligence, Evidence gathering and Analysis of Intelligence.

Besides theoretical training, the participants had several practical exercises (case studies) on the ground (house search and foot surveillance). The training was leaded by international experts from Belgium and the United Kingdom.

The purpose of the EU-ACT activity with cooperation of the Academy of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia is to develop a special course on drug trafficking and drug-related crimes. The first phase of the activity was organised in September, 2018 when the international experts and the academy representatives conducted joint need assessment and have identified the topics for the training course. The third and the final phase of the programme will be to run  a pilot course in June, 2019  jointly organised by Georgian trainers and EU-ACT experts.