Training in Passenger Profiling, Lusaka, Zambia


Twenty police officers attached to the Drug Enforcement Commission of Zambia are being empowered with skills to curb Transnational Organised Crime specifically in relation to the movement of narcotics across different countries and continents in Lusaka, Zambia from 5 to 6 of June 2019.

Following a successful training on profiling passengers organized by the Project at the airport of Entebbe, for 30 officers of Uganda police, Zambia Police have requested EU-ACT Project to organize a training on passenger profiling and investigation skills for counternarcotic police staff and investigators at the airport in Lusaka. They have proposed the training to be implemented on 5-6 June this year for 20 officers (7 from Lusaka and 13 from other regions with international airports). The idea was to provide half day class-room training, followed by one and a half day of mentoring (on-the-job training at the airport in Lusaka).

EU-ACT Project is in position to quickly respond to the continuous and rapid changes in the modus operandi of drug traffickers, and therefore following this request, and recent talks with Interpol´s drugs unit, EU-ACT is planning an exercise aiming at having an impact in a broader geographical area, and thus attempting to influence & abort the trafficking patterns of criminal groups in eastern Africa.