Training Curriculum on Drug Related Crimes and Drug Trafficking for Georgian police officers and investigators


EU-ACT Project Georgia in conjunction with the Academy of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia has developed a week-long training curriculum on drug related crimes for police officers and investigators.  The programme was jointly developed by Georgian trainers and international experts from the UK and Belgium in 2018 and was piloted in 2019.

EU-ACT operates in Georgia since January, 2017. One of the key objectives of the project in Georgia is to enhance capacity building and knowledge of police officers and investigators to better address drug related crimes and international drug trafficking and improve international cooperation.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and regulations both in Georgia and the EU, the second training curriculum was delivered online in ZOOM platform on 17-20 May. Up to 22 investigators and police officers from the Central Criminal Police Department and regional police divisions of Georgia attended a three-day online event. The training was led by two Georgian trainers of the MoIA Academy, Non-Key Expert (NKE) Daniel Dudek (Poland) and the EU-ACT Project Team Leader, Tom Carter (UK). The training covered range of topics as Georgian national legislation in relation with drug related crimes, human rights, operative investigative activities, drugs and dark web, informant handling, controlled deliveries, intelligence cycle and sources etc.

The EU-ACT project will deliver a week-long full course in June in face-to-face format.