ToT Curriculum for Drug Addiction Professionals


Third workshop on the first “Train the Trainers” courses after the past workshops concerning the establishment of the training manual for drug addiction professionals under prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of drugs users, in the framework of EU-ACT action on demand-reduction challenges, was held in Morogoro, Tanzania, from 1st to 5th of March 2021.

The EU-ACT project in Tanzania is still ongoing and the activities for 2021 are following the agenda as programmed to achieve the goal of  enhancing the National Drug Policy for implementing strategies with regards to reducing demand, supply and harm. In 2021 a number of workshops have been organized on this matter to train the trainers, on investigation skills, on implementation of the programme for drug addiction, and last but not least to approve the Standard Operative Procedure in drug investigations. At the beginning of March the first workshop, to train the trainers on implementing the programme for professionals working with drug addicts  was successfully completed with the support of the excellent trainers from DCEA led by Dr. Cassian Nyandindi sponsored by the  EU – ACT project. 

The workshop intended to go on with the drafting of written report, setting out training provisions and recommendations and also drafting a complete treatment program for people working with drug user disorders. A group of five trainers and twenty participants including doctors, pharmacists, social workers, nurses, psychologists and other DCEA Officers were part of this workshop.

The goal of this activity is to deliver 2 “Train the Trainers” courses and utilise the 50 individuals trained in the newly developed Drug Addiction treatment curriculum to disseminate their newly acquired knowledge throughout the Country using the final agreed Curriculum for Drug Addiction Professionals in Tanzania (TADAP).