Seminar on Financial Investigations, Kiev, Ukraine


EU-ACT Project expert and Ukraine RC jointly with EUAM expert delivered three days presentations on a Seminar co-organized with the Academy of State Financial Monitoring Service (SFMS) of Ukraine, from 3 to 5 December 2019.

In this seminar participated around 60 practitioners, EU-ACT Project beneficiaries (National Police, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Justice, State Border Guard, Security Service, Prosecutor General´s Office and State Financial Monitoring Service) but also representatives of other institutions involved in Financial Investigations (Supreme Court, State Bureau of Investigation, Asset Recovery and Management Agency). All these institutions are currently working with EU-ACT in the development of guidelines/manuals to conduct Financial Investigations in criminal investigations, one of the main areas of activity or he EU-ACT project in Ukraine.

The topics presented in this seminar were the FATF – Recommendations: structure, key novelties, and the 2019 additions to Recommendation 15 interpretationthe UN and Council of Europe conventions; Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth EU AML Directives: Beneficial Ownership, PEPS, Cryptocurrencies... Also was presented the relevance of National Risk Assessment (area of cooperation of EU-ACT with Ukrainian authorities). Regional Coordinator and EUAM expert presented study cases of Money Laundering. RC coordinator focused too on ML Typologies. The last day was devoted to International Cooperation in ML and Asset Recovery, including International Police Organizations (Interpol, Europol, AMON, Ameripol) and institutions dedicated to ML and Asset Recovery (CARIN, ARO Platform, StAR initiative, Egmont group or

Since the 2017 EU-ACT Project in Ukraine is supporting the work of SFMS to fix in some gaps detected in the 5th round of Mutual Evaluations of Moneyval, in particular, the lack of investigations on drug-related cases. EU-ACT is working in the following fields:

1.- Drafting a Manual on Parallel Financial Investigations on drug-related cases and other criminal cases.

2.- Cooperation with FIU to provide training on analysis of financial data and financial investigations in this kind of investigations.

3.- Supporting the integration of FIU in international fora related to financial investigations on drugs .(for instance UNODC Paris Pact Initiative Pillar II: Illicit Financial Flows).

4.- Promoting networking and communication among FIU and LEA´s.

A continuation of this line of cooperation with the Academy and the rest of the partners it is foreseen for the near future.