Second training curriculum on drug related crimes and drug training, Tbilisi, Georgia


EU-ACT Georgia has successfully completed the second training curriculum regarding drug related crimes and drug training. The training was organised at the Office of Prosecutor’s General in Tbilisi on 19-22 April.

The development of the training curriculum by the Spanish non-key expert, prosecutor Ignacio De Lucas has started in early 2018. Since then, the process covered several phases: the training of trainers, selection of the final trainers, delivery of the pilot training programme in 2019 as well as delivery of two courses in 2021.

Despite the covid-19 pandemic which severely affected both Georgia and the European Union, the EU-ACT project still managed to deliver face to face trainings in Tbilisi. The NKE, Ignacio De Lucas has delivered sessions dedicated to international judicial cooperation, notion of transnational organised crime and international drug trafficking remotely from Madrid, Spain.

The Georgian trainers have covered objective of drug related crime, undercover agents, punishable and non-punishable acts, internal and international cooperation, ECHR case law related to drug trafficking cases etc.

On the final day of the event, EU-ACT Regional Coordinator handed over the certificates to the participants.

Solely in frames of this activity, EU-ACT Project has trained more than 45 prosecutors. The EU-ACT project will be completed in Georgia till the end of June, 2021 and before that time, the project will deliver another training for Georgian Prosecutors related to Money Laundering and Cryptocurrencies.