Regional workshop on Financial Disruption of Illicit Financial Flows Associated with Transnational Organized Crime


More than 25 experts from 11 countries participated at the Regional workshop on “Financial Disruption of Illicit Financial Flows Associated with Transnational Organized Crime”. The meeting was organized jointly by the UNODC’s Regional Programme for Afghanistan and Neighboring Countries, and the Project EU Action against Drugs and Organized Crime and was held in the premises of CARICC, in Almaty, Kazakhstan from 3rd to 6th of April 2018.

One of the main objectives of this meeting was to facilitate the strengthening of cooperation on financial investigations between the countries in the region, and facilitating contacts between Financial Intelligence Units, prosecutors and investigators.

Participants mutually updated on the current legislation on financial investigation and asset recovery and management in their countries and discussed about legislative gaps that might jeopardize regional cooperation. They also actively participated in a role-playing exercise of transnational financial investigations conducted by two experts from EU member states who were sponsored by the EU-ACT Project to participate in the event.

Manuel Marion, EU-ACT Project Deputy, highlighted the EU-ACT Project supports activities that set up and reinforce professional networks of prosecutors and investigators, including by join exercises, exchange of information and operational meetings for actual investigations. "In the course of the workshop I also met with the Deputy Director of CARICC, and with the representative of EAG, in order to discuss cooperation opportunities".