Official study tour of Kygyz representatives to the Georgian Police Academy


Four representatives of the Kyrgyz Police Academy and the Training Center under the State Committee on National Security visited Police Academy under the MoI of Georgia, from 12th to 14th November 2018.

During the visit Georgian Police Academy presented new optimized structure of Georgian MoI after significant reform processes made last 10-15 years, shared with best practices on all- level police training and retraining, including recruitment, education and evaluation processes.

The visit had a special added value in view of new criminal legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic entering its force in 1st of January, 2019 oriented to humanization and standardization with European norms. The visit of Kyrgyz delegation to Joint operations center under the MoI of Georgia was also significant in view of the project “Safe city” being launched in Kyrgyzstan. It should be noted that two years ago the Police Academy of Georgia and Police Academy of Kyrgyzstan signed MoU and in frames of this visit initiated by EU-ACT project the first practical step towards mutual cooperation and collaboration was made.

The project “EU Action against Drugs and Organized crime (EU-ACT)” is implemented from January 2017 to December 20120 and cover countries along the “Heroin Route”: Georgia, Ukraine, Tanzania, Pakistan and Kyrgyzstan. Within three years of project implementation in Kyrgyzstan, activities will be implemented on training of law enforcement agencies on detection and investigation of drug crimes, improvement of international cooperation in countering transnational drug related crimes and assistance in conduction of joint interagency and international operative and investigative activities.