Needs assessment for future training on psychological and psychiatric issues in Tbilisi


EU-ACT project with the assistance of Dr. Emilis Subata, Director of Republican Centre for Addictive Disorders of Lithuania, visited Tbilisi to assess needs of medical personnel of the Centre for Mental Health and Prevention of Addiction (CMHPA), from 4th to 8th February 2019.

The purpose of expert visit was to identify requirements concerning possible training requirements in respect to psychological and psychiatric issues. During his visit, Mr. Subata conducted meetings with management of CMHPA and Scientific Board of Experts of Psychiatry and Narcology. Furthermore, the expert interviewed narcologists, psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers of Centre in Tbilisi and Gori.

In frames of the visit, Mr. Subata and EU-ACT local expert have also attended opening ceremony of the Psychiatric Facility in Surami, which has been completely renovated recently.

After finalisation of the expert report concerning future training needs requirement of the CMHPA, EU-ACT will continue to support further activities related to the rehabilitation direction in Georgia.