Ministry of Interior of the Kyrgyz Republic enhances analytical capacity in their activity


From 8 to 10 February 2021 the seminar on increasing analytic capacity of MoI is being held in frames of implementing the concept ILP – Intelligence-led-policing within the project “EU Action against Drugs and Organized crime (EU-ACT)” in Bishkek. 

Within the seminar, discussions are raised on improvement of analysis in policing in MoI and optimization of its analytic structure, new developed software programme MAKS (Information Analysis Coordination System) will be presented for effective coordination of ongoing investigations in MoI, as well as technical equipment purchased by INL US Embassy will be handed over to MoI.

The seminar with participation of high management of MoI is facilitated by representatives of Spanish National Police. ILP – is a modern proactive method of policing based on profound analytical work with use of various analytical tools and methods. Within ILP implementation in Kyrgyzstan, from 2018 the project EU-ACT has been conducting series of training activities, rendering technical support, including hardware and software.    

The project “EU Action against Drugs and Organized crime (EU-ACT)” is implemented from January 2017 and cover countries along the “Heroin Route”: Georgia, Ukraine, Tanzania, Pakistan and Kyrgyzstan.