Mentoring activity for the Department on Combating Drug-related Crimes of the National Police of Ukraine


On May 16, 2018 EU-ACT Regional Coordinator in Ukraine Mr. Jose Manuel Colodras started his mentoring activity for the Department on Combating Drug-related Crimes of the National Police of Ukraine (DCDC NPU).

The first mentoring session took place in Kyiv for representatives of DCDC and relevant Departments from Kyiv and Kyiv Region. The agenda was focused on general aspects of money laundering derived from illicit drugs sales and aspects of combating this phenomenon.

As introduction, EU-ACT Reginal Coordinator briefed participants about the Project, which covers more than 30 countries along so-called “heroin route” starting from Afghanistan and its main goal – reinforce capacities of those countries to better address drug-related organized crime and build meaningful trust and networking amongst them. According to Mr. Colodras, the networking among different law enforcement agencies tracking financial flows is crucial for efficient anti-money laundering derived from illicit drug trafficking. Such agency in Ukraine is the State Financial Monitoring Service.

EU-ACT Reginal Coordinator emphasized that disclosure of drug trafficking organizers and further assets recovery to great extent depends on and could be much facilitated through efficient cooperation established between law enforcers and financial intelligence units.

Participants also discussed international experience of interagency coordination in terms anti-money laundering activities. At the same time, Mr. Colodras expressed his readiness to help with and facilitate contacts for DCDC NPU representatives with corresponding foreign financial intelligence units in order to improve current cooperation. EU-ACT representative also informed that he is planning to draft methodological recommendations for Ukrainian police officers on fighting money laundering derived from drug trafficking.

According to the Deputy Head of Directorate (DCDC) Mr. Roman Strohush, such mentoring activities provide its participants with great possibility to share best practices and experience with foreign counterparts and develop common strategy of fighting international crimes.

Concluding the meeting Mr. Strohush mentioned that drug trafficking as well as money laundering are common problems for all European countries and have global nature. Thus, only due to close cooperation and experience exchange, one can reach best results in fighting crimes, in particular drug-related.

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