III Ukrainian Drug Research Working Group (UDR WG) in the facilities of the National University "Odesa Law Academy"


During this last took place, the III Ukrainian Drug Research Working Group (UDR WG). In this WG participate Drug Forensic Experts, representatives of the Ministry of Health  who leads the National Drug Strategy) National Police, Prosecutor General’s Office and Security Service of Ukraine.  The WG discussed several issues, among others, the situation of the Order of the Ministry of Health as the basis for introducing new psychoactive substances as analogs of narcotics drugs. 

There was also a presentation conducted for an EU-ACT expert about the legislation of Poland on the regulation of the trafficking of controlled substances, the inclusion of NPS (new psychoactive substances) as a controlled substance and the access to the information for Law enforcement agencies and Judges; this Polish example is a good example for Ukraine in order to make amendments to its legislation.

An EU-ACT expert presented the final design and development of the Collaborative Exercise among Ukrainian Forensic Labs. The Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise with the support of EU-ACT will organize the exercise. They will participate in this activity up to 19 Labs. This activity is very relevant for laboratories in terms of national certification, and in the future, it could support his accreditation according to International Standards.

The Laboratories representatives are considering to improve the cooperation with EU institutions as the EMCDAA and the network Reitox. In this field, the exchange of technical information and share of knowledge is crucial and this WG gather relevant actors in the field.

During the meeting, the participants also participated in an illustrative visit to the Odesa Forensic Institute, that support the organization of the WG.

It must be underlined that the work of this WG is already producing significant changes in the drug field and that his work has an impact in all the areas of the fight against drug trafficking and harm reduction, not only the forensic arena.