II Conference on Drug Policy. Support for the implementation of the Ukrainian Drug Strategy


EU-ACT is playing a leading role in supporting the effective implementation of the mentioned Plan of Action of the “Strategy of the State Policy on Drugs for the period until 2020”, umbrella of this relevant event, with more than 180 attendees. It’s the only EU Project or organization that, together with UNODC (the other international organization), participates as a partner in PoA drafting. Most of the activities and initiatives carried out by EU-ACT (from both drug demand and supply reduction point of view) are envisaged in this Strategy and Plan of Action.

This is the II National Conference that hosted by the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Justice, and National Police, primary beneficiaries of EU-ACT, follow the work of the I National Conference that took place one year ago.

The main outcomes of the conference were: (i) review the current state of the implementation of drug strategy, (ii) noted lessons learned, (iii) identified actual under-achievements in the Strategy implementation, and action plan to fix the bottlenecks; and (iv) outline the way forward for 202-2030 to draft a new National Strategy on Drugs. The conference will provide an excellent opportunity to learn the compliance of the existing national practices in drug prevention, a continuum of treatment and rehabilitation, and the reintegration of people who use drugs to the international and EU standards.  The event included representatives from:

- National parliament

- Line ministries,

- Representatives of civil society organizations,

- Experts and practitioners in the field prevention,  treatment, and rehabilitation.

The conference was organized in plenary and parallel thematic sessions.

Ukrainian EU-ACT participation was focused on the program for the treatment of convicts and pre-trial detainees with mental and behavioral disorders due to the use of psychoactive substances in the State Criminal Executive Service of Ukraine. EU-ACT expert delivered a presentation that took place during the plenary. This program is already working in 2 prisons in Ukraine. The EU-ACT expert also chaired a Parallel session on “Alternative living locations for drug addicts within the prison: Respect modules and Therapeutic Communities.”

EU-ACT is ready to sponsor a Seminar/Conference in the next months with all national relevant partners to drafting the mentioned new Strategy on Drugs for Ukraine for the period 2020-2030.