Handover of Hardware to State Financial Monitoring Service (SFMS) of Ukraine & Training on i2 Analyst´s Notebook


By this donation EU-ACT Ukraine supports the SFMS by providing 13 computers and a 3 days hands-on training for 20 analysts on the use of i2 tool for Financial Investigations.

This procurement updates his hardware and will make possible to train officers and analyse financial transactions using the latest version of i2 Analyst Notebook.

I2 software that allows analyst to quickly uncover hidden connections and patterns in data, and it´s considered one of the industry standards for intelligence analysts.

The State Financial Monitoring Service of Ukraine is an administrative authority of Ukraine that performs the functions of the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU). It is the national center for receiving and analysing suspicious transaction reports, other information related to money laundering, related predicate offenses, terrorist financing and financing of the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

Its activities are aligned with efforts of the EU and the EU-ACT Project to support Ukrainian authorities in the fight against Drug Trafficking and Organised Crime. There is a consensus in all EU countries on the increasing risk of penetration of the licit economy by serious and organised crime, and that the most effective way to face this challenge is through financial investigations, considered as an essential tool of a modern and effective response to criminal threats.

Since 2018 EU-ACT Project in Ukraine has supported the work of SFMS to fix in some gaps detected in the 5th round of Mutual Evaluations of Moneyval, in particular the lack of investigations on drug related cases and the nonexistence of clear guidance to conduct Financial investigations in LEAs, but also to increase the cooperation of the Ukrainian FIU with other agencies at national level and with other institutions at International level. The number of investigations on drug trafficking cases by the FIU is very small compared with other countries, although in the last years the number seems to be increased.

For these reasons and aligned with the mentioned objectives EU-ACT is working in the following fields supporting the activity of the SFMS of Ukraine:

1.- Drafting a Manual on Parallel Financial Investigations on drug related cases and other criminal cases in cooperation with all national LEA´s and authorities with competences in this field: Security Service, NABU, SBI, ARMA, Customs, SBGS…

2.- Cooperation with FIU to provide training on analysis of financial data and financial investigations in this kind of investigations, as we are doing in his occasion. In this year 2020 we have already conducted 2 Webinars.

3.- Supporting the integration of FIU in international fora related to financial investigations on drugs (for instance UNODC Paris Pact Initiative Pillar II: Illicit Financial Flows.

4.- Promoting networking and communication among FIU and LEA´s.