Exchange of Forensic Experts Ukraine - Spain


Exchange of forensic experts from the Forensic Laboratory of the Spanish National Police (Comisaría General de Policía Cientítica) and one of the leading forensic institutions of Ukraine Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise (KFI) under the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine has been successfully conducted in November, 2018.

One of EU-ACT Project’s main objectives is to support, develop, implement and coordinate training for law enforcement officials and experts, in particular in the areas of prevention and fighting against drug trafficking and organised crime. In this occasion, in order to increase the knowledge and promote networking in the area of Drug Forensic Laboratories, EU-ACT Regional Office in Ukraine organized two activities, in particular the visit of Ukrainian Forensic Drug Expert to Spain that took place between the 19th to 23rd November and the return visit Spanish Forensic Expert to Ukraine the week from 26th to 30th November.

In this case, the experts in field of drugs analysis had the opportunity to visit all different labs and discuss about quality, standardization, training, drug tests (including standard and reference), equipment and other relevant aspects of interest for both parties.

In addition, on 27th November, the Spanish expert who came to Kyiv under exchange program umbrella also participated in the High-Level Meeting ( on Cooperation among Forensic Laboratories in Ukraine hosted by EU-ACT. It was the starting point of a future cooperation among all Ukrainians labs related with drugs.

EU-ACT Exchange Programme for Ukraine is based in the proven and successful experience of CEPOL Exchange Programme. This Programme is based in turn on Erasmus-style method. It is a learning activity, which provides exchanges the opportunity to create a network of colleagues and familiarise themselves with the working methods of other countries by exchanging experiences and sharing expertise. On a longer term, it contributes to build trust and to establish more efficient cooperation between involved countries. In particular, it is addressed on improving information exchanges and operational cooperation between law enforcement authorities, where EU-ACT Exchange Programme can contribute effectively.