EU-ACT Ukraine in the Meeting of Penitentiary Subgroup. Justice Sector Working Group (JSWG)


The Meeting was chaired by Olena Visotska, Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine and NORLAU Probation Project.

The main topics of the WG were to give an overview of the main activities of International Technical Assistance partners as well as to discuss the next steps of the WG.

EU-ACT Regional Coordinator made a summary of the Rehabilitation Program for inmates with mental and Behavioral disorder due to use of Psychoactive Substances, and the pending activities until the end of the project in June 2021.

In this period, concerning the mentioned Program, EU-ACT Project will perform several Seminar to implement in Bila- Tserkva and Kharkiv prions the running program, including the Evaluation and Management product, already finished. For this purpose, will join efforts with NORLAU and Probation Department from the MoJ in additional to the current and fruitful partnership with the State Criminal Executive Service of Ukraine.

Some other international Projects as PRAVO-Justice, EUAM, as well as UNICEF of CoE presented their main lines of work very briefly. PRAVO-Justice plays a relevant role in the coordination of all the International Technical Assistances Projects, and his project will be extended for two additional years.

Within the Justice Sector Working Group, there are the following Subgroups:

 - Judicial Subgroup. Chaired by the High-Council of Justice. Co-chaired by PRAVO-Justice.

E-Justice Subgroup. Chaired by the High-Council of Justice. Co-chaired by PRAVO -Justice.

Criminal Justice, Subgroup. Chaired by the General Prosecutor Office. Co-chaired by EUAM.

- Private legal Professions Subgroup. Chaired by MoJ. Co-chaired by PRAVO-Justice.

- Penitentiary Subgroup. Chaired by MoJ. Co-chaired by NORLAU Probation Project.

- Justice for Children Subgroup. Chaired by MoJ. Co-chaired by UNICEF Ukraine