EU-ACT UKRAINE Official Handover of specialised technical equipment for the Counter Narcotic Department


On 18th November 2020 took place the handover of specialised technical equipment for the Counter Narcotic Department of the National Police of Ukraine. This equipment is a donation of EU-ACT Project.

EU-ACT project Regional Office in Ukraine have officially handed over the equipment to Mr. Sergii Fedchenko, Head of Counter Narcotic Department of the NPU and Mr. Viacheslav Safonov, Deputy Head of the mentioned Department.  

The procurement of the specialised equipment aims to further strengthen capacity building of the law enforcement officers to fight against international drug trafficking and transnational organised crime in Ukraine and also to support international cooperation with other countries where EU-ACT procure same equipment and so they are compatible: Georgie and Kirgizstan. It opens the door to a more effective cooperation in transregional cooperation within the Heroin Route.

The head of the Head of Counter Narcotic Department of the NPU, Mr. Sergii Fedchenko highlighted the continuous support of the project not only in terms of procurement of equipment but also in terms of training and mentoring. This technical equipment is also extremely useful to conduct their operational work.

The RC take advantage of the ceremony to discuss with the heads of department about next activities in relation with training on Parallel Financial Investigations in Kyiv and Lviv. They underlined the relevance to engage officers of regions in these initiatives and not only engage with the Headquarters in Kyiv.

The second phase of the project activity includes the training for law enforcement officers planned for the 20th November. This training will be delivered by experts of the company to those officers that will use the devices donated.

There was previous donations of Express Quick Test, publication of Leaflets with safety information for operational on NPS, as well as another activities related with operational support.  EU-ACT Project is interested to cover those gaps, if possible related with operational needs, that are not cover by other international initiatives or that are not funding by the regular budget.