EU-ACT Project delivered a set of Express Drug Tests to the Security Service of Ukraine


This material is part of procurement to the Project's law enforcement beneficiaries: State Border Guard Service and Counter Narcotic Department of National Police of Ukraine already received these express tests procured by EU-ACT Project last year.

These tests are an essential instrument that will be used to support operational work to identify controlled substances during drug seizures. Law enforcement officers or other investigators in the field may employ presumptive colorimetric test kits or handheld instruments to analyze samples. This form of analysis is presumptive only and helps the investigator determine if a substance could be illegal and take appropriate action. Not only concerning a more in-depth forensic analysis but also in connection with the arrest of the suspicious, or to make any further initiatives in the course of a search, investigation. Agencies that may conduct presumptive testing include police, border patrol, customs. Whether or not a presumptive test is conducted, if there is suspicion of an illegal substance in the framework of a criminal process, the collected material will be submitted to a forensic laboratory for confirmative testing following proper evidence handling procedures. On-line training provided by the supplier also accompanies these tests.