EU-ACT local team in Tbilisi is working together with partner institutions during the COVID-19 pandemic


The situation in Georgia as a result of the COVID-19 virus has altered the daily routine of Georgians, including civil servants and governmental officials. Georgian state institutions have adopted remote model of work for their employers.

On the other hand, law enforcement officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, customs officers of the Revenue Service and epidemiologists of the National Centre of the Disease Control (NCDC) together with doctors became the frontline fighters against COVID-19 pandemic in Georgia. Despite State of Emergency and national lockdown in Georgia, EU-ACT local team in Tbilisi is working together with partner institutions during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Thanks to virtual media and web-based tools, EU-ACT local team have range of meetings with key partners and beneficiaries. Today local team has discussed the development of the rehabilitation programme for drug dependant inmates and programme assessment tools for the Special Penitentiary Service, Crime Prevention and Probation Agencies. With the assistance of the Spanish experts, Special Penitentiary Service is drafting a rehabilitation programme for drug dependant inmates. Early January 2020, the Spanish experts have provided a framework document based on which Georgian counterparts have drafted new rehabilitation programme. It has been agreed that the document will be translated into English with the support of the project and the Spanish experts will further assist in finalisation of the programme.

In addition to this, EU-ACT local team and beneficiaries discussed possibilities how to develop programme assessment tools based on best international practice. Both national and international tools have been briefly reviewed. By the end of the meeting, EU-ACT local team and the Special Penitentiary Service have identified a plan of action for upcoming weeks which will allow them to better address the needs and successfully accomplish joint activity.