EU-ACT completed series of training on EMCDDA Treatment Demand Indicator (TDI) in Georgia


EU-ACT Project has delivered set of trainings in partnership with the National Centre for Disease Control and Public Health (NCDC) and National Monitoring Centre on Drugs (NMC) of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia.  The trainings have been held on 23-25 September at the Training Centre of Justice in Kvareli, Georgia.

The purpose of these trainings was to acquire the specialists, namely narcologists, psychiatrists and statisticians with the relevant knowledge and skills that would allow them to provide data through a specially designed electronic form concerning the EMCDDA Treatment Demand Indicator (TDI) by the NCDC. 

EU-ACT has financially supported the trainings of the two groups: specialists working at the Centre for Mental Health and Prevention of Addiction (CMHPA) and representatives of the private narcological clinics and research institutions. Overall, more than 50 specialists in the field have participated in the event. From 2021, it will be mandatory to provide data with the e-forms related to the EMCDDA TDI in Georgia.

The trainings have been delivered with the support of trainers from NCDC, Centre for Addiction Studies at Ilia State University and local Research NGO ’’Alternative Georgia’’.