The Project EU-ACT aims at building capacities to increase regional and trans-regional law enforcement cooperation and coordination in the fight against organized crime and drug trafficking along the heroin route. In addition, the Project has, as additional goal, to develop a sustainable drug policy and reduce the drug demand.

To date the Project has delivered support across the whole spectrum of drug demand, supply and harm reduction, in line with EU and international policy on a “balanced-approach” to drugs. Its primary focus has been 5 Priority countries, namely Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Tanzania and Pakistan, but support and assistance has also been provided to another 18 countries to date.

That support has ranged from support to countries in relation to the development of policy and legislation, through to hands-on practical support as an operational level. This includes assistance on topics such as drug prevention techniques in educational settings; investigation and prosecution of drug traffickers; psychological support for drug users in prisons; enhancing forensic capabilities; and rehabilitation of offenders, to name but a few areas.

All assistance provided has been designed holistically and draws on the EU’s extensive experience in these areas and has been delivered with the intention of leaving sustainable solutions in the Priority countries.

In addition, the Project has supported engagement by all of the countries it assists in various international fora, helping to promote engagement and discussion on drug related topics.