Drafting Standard Operative Procedures (SOP) in Drug Investigations. Morogoro, Tanzania


After the final approval of the Standard Operative Procedure in April 2021, the Tanzania Regional Coordinator supported by two experts held the first workshop to train trainers. The aim was to plan and assist in the delivery of the identified courses and workshops, and train-the-trainers in the agreed SOPs and the associated background understanding of the specific topics.

In response to the growing problems of drug trafficking and abuse the European commission funded the EU-ACT project in Tanzania. The aim of the project is to work in line with Tanzania’s National Drugs Policy to contribute to both preventing and effectively fighting organized crime, money laundering and drug trafficking along the “Heroine Route”.

From the beginning of the project one group of stakeholders from DCEA(Drug Control and Enforcement Authority), (National Prosecution Services)worked on drafting a copy of Standard Operative Procedures, a document providing clear guidelines on procedure, which will become a fundamental tool for trainees learning to work on investigations into drug related crime, organised crime, financial crime and money laundering.

During 10 days of intense work the participants were trained by two European experts, a Major in the Italian Carabinieri, who was present at the conference, and an English expert who attended remotely. The participants learned how to train others to follow the Standard Operative Procedures in order to aid law enforcement, intelligence officers and investigators in fighting organised crime in drug trafficking and money laundering.

Twelve high level stakeholders from the DCEA and two from the NPS were trained on the topics of the Standard Operative Procedure: Intelligence, Surveillance, Mutual Legal Assistance, Search and Seizure, Arrest and Detention, Digital Evidence, Interrogation and Interview, Financial Investigations, Forensic Evidence and Exhibit Management.

The workshop was a success, the participants actively took part in discussing the topics and there was a formative exchange of ideas and views on the potential impact of the SOPs. The NKEs and the participants shared their experiences, which will undoubtedly be of benefit to both parties, and the participants are keen to move forward and introduce the new procedures into the Tanzania Law enforcement arena and training curriculums.

The Project is implemented by the International and Ibero-American Foundation for Administration and Public Policies in partnership with the Italian Carabinieri and UK National Crime Agency.