Awareness seminar on parallel financial investigations within drug-related crimes


EU-ACT Ukrainian Regional Office (RO) conducted an awareness seminar on parallel financial investigations within drug-related crimes for investigators and operational police officers of National Police of Ukraine Units of Cherkasy Region, from 19th to 20th February 2019.

This seminar was mainly addressed to the Counter Narcotics Department (CND) that already has deployed a team in this region and is integrated in the current activities of mentoring and training sessions that the RO is delivering since the last year.

It was considered not only to focus on CND regional unit, but also to involve other regional Criminal Police (CP) units dealing with investigations in general and organized crime in particular. A total of 40 police officers participated in this training session. The side meetings with CND and regional CP officers were very positive.

The attendants understood the need of the mentioned financial investigations, although there are several problems and handicaps that they still need to overcome. EU-ACT Regional Coordinator in Ukraine shared EU best practices and presented a general approach to parallel financial investigations. He also discussed with participants the current challenges in this field and possible solutions that could support their investigations.

The received feedback demonstrated that it is necessary to continue with this kind of activities in order to consolidate this concept of parallel investigations in Ukraine.