3rd Training in Advance Motivational Interviewing and Mentoring of specialists for school-based Prevention Programmes in Georgia


EU-ACT Georgia delivered the final, third Training in Advance Motivational Interviewing (MI) and mentoring phase of School-based Prevention for the psychologists of the Psychosocial Service Centre at the Office of the Resource Officers of Educational Institutions from 5th to 9th October in Tbilisi, Georgia.

EU-ACT experts from Poland delivered online training enriched with practical exercises and group tasks for the specialists. The semi-online event covered range of topics: advance skills and techniques of motivational interviewing and how MI works in practice. The practical exercises concerned the topics as bullying, fight prevention, working with families etc. The specialists have worked in small groups during all five days of the event. In addition, rest of the days were dedicated to formative and summative evaluation of prevention programmes, types of evaluation questions and criteria, methods to collect information about such programmes.

 On the last day of the event, representative of the Delegation of the European Union together with EU-ACT local team in Tbilisi handed over certificates to 13 specialists of the Psychosocial Service Centre of the Office of Resource Officers of the Educational Institutions.