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Call for a short-term expert in Security and Maritime Analysis

The selected specialist will be part of a team of experts conducting a regional threat assessment exercise, covering the Western Indian Ocean and various countries in East and Southern Africa. The expert will be responsible for providing detailed input into a threat assessment report, looking at the situation in the mentioned regions.

The expert will, in conjunction with the Project Team, identify gaps and needs for specific activities that can be carried out in terms of future programming of projects. The expert will provide expert advice regarding possible nexus points, where organized crime networks are vulnerable, and where interventions by international donors would have significant cross-cutting impact. The work will involve a desk-based review of current ongoing and former projects, as well as possible field visits to designated countries within the geographical scope of the Project (Heroin routes).Using the information collected and analysed, the final threat assessment report will give a holistic overview of the security situation in the region, referencing the underlying quantitative and qualitative data, and where field visits are undertaken. Separate country-focused reports will be produced and included in the main report as annexes. It will also include actual threats encountered which impact on the European Union. In addition, the nexus where the organised crime can be tackledor disrupted will be identified and described, followed by a list of recommendations for future activities in the region, including tactical options.

Duration of the assignment: 8 months, from October 2020.

Location of work: The expert will perform their work at home (desk review of materials) and may be required to travelduring part of time to some of the countries in the regions covered by this Threat Assessment, subject to restrictions caused by COVID-19.

Deadline: October 28, 2020

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Past vacancies

Location of work: Some of the countries in the regions of South and Central Asia, Eastern Europe, South Caucasus, and East Africa.

Estimated Starting Date: from December 2017 on, depending on project needs.

Deadline: December 20, 2017

Application: Interested candidates with the above criteria, please send a covering letter and CV (please use attached format), both in English to: