Webinar on Rehabilitation Program for Inmates with mental and behavioural disorders due to use of psychoactive substances for the SCES Colonies and Probation Centres of Bila Tserkva and Kharkiv


UE-ACT Project Ukraine, jointly with NORLAU, organised a webinar on Rehabilitation Program for inmate during the 30th of November, 2nd, 4th, 7th and 9th December 2020.

The Rehabilitation Program for Inmates with mental and behavioural disorders due to use of psychoactive substances is a structured intervention program designed to be implemented in the context of the SCES Correctional Colonies. The same Program, with small amendments, can also be developed for inmates of Probation Centres or similar institutions.

EU-ACT project implemented many activities from 2018 to improve the drug treatment practices currently delivered in the SCES correctional colonies. These activities included: Assessment of psychological intervention programs in the SCES colonies. Design of the general guidelines (2 manuals) of a drug treatment program in close cooperation with Ukrainian professionals. Training of Trainers (ToT) and Pilot implementation of the Rehabilitation Program in 5 SCES colonies so that EU-ACT professionals could provide practical support to the SCES officials for its effective implementation.

From a technical point of view, it is a psycho-educative intervention with a cognitive-behavioural orientation. It means that the Program is aimed to change behaviours, thoughts and the emotions associated.

The Program is fully included in the manuals. It means that all psycho-educative resources necessary for its implementation are available in these two manuals. Professionals do not need to further elaborate on any materials.

The implementation of the Program in Prisons or Probation Centres requires simple material resources. The most demanding feature of this Program is its complexity from a therapeutic point of view. This problem will be addressed through two complementary strategies:

1. A training program for professionals that will be involved in the implementation of the Rehabilitation Program.

2. Practical support provided by the EU-ACT experts during the pilot implementation of the Program.

On request of the MoJ and the SCES of Ukraine and jointly with NORLAU (The Norwegian Rule of Law Advisers Probation Project), EU-ACT Project is organizing a training for practitioners intending to support the implementation of the Program in Bila Tserkva Prison and Probation Center. Simultaneously this webinar will be a ToT for trainers of Bila Tserkva Academy of SCES and other psychologists under the umbrella of MoJ.

Is important to underline that the MoJ wants to take advantage of the opportunity to use this successful experience as a training course and practical knowledge for all psychologist of MoJ to improve the skills of the mentioned professional in aspects such as:

- Organization of the activity of a psychologist in a penitentiary /pretrial detention centre.

- Planning and organization of the psychologist’s work.

- Cognitive-behavioral intervention.

- Psychological techniques during individual labour.

- Expanding his full implementation in new Colonies but also Probation Centres (now Bila Tserkva and Kharkiv).

- Making available for academics and practitioners (psychologists) the existing methodology already tested and implemented in Ukraine.


Operative Dimension

Activity Type
Online - Ukraine

The final objective is to guarantee the sustainability of this successful Program by:

- Including the management and evaluation aspects not considered in the previous pilot phase.

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