Ukrainian Drugs Forensic Institutions Network - Ukrainian Drug Research Working Group (UDR WG).


This WG is devoted to improving the work of Drug Forensic Labs in Ukraine.

As results of the GAPS identify in an assessment conducted by an EU-ACT NKE1. EU-ACT, jointly with our beneficiaries, decided to draft a Road Map and achieve the commitment of Heads of Department to support the necessary changes of the mentioned forensic Labs.

Due to the cross-cutting competencies they also participated in this WG the National Police o, the Security Service, State Fiscal Service, Prosecutor General´s Office and the Ukrainian Mental Health and Monitoring Centre on Drugs and Alcohol of the Ministry of Health.

Operative Dimension

Activity Type
Working Group

Some of the objectives of the Road Map approved in November 2018 are:

  • Establishment of the interagency working group (WG), which will deal with the following issues in the forensic field. EU-ACT will support the working group and the process of changes.
  • Need to improve legislation in several aspects
  • Starting to implement recommendations developed by the working group.
  • Continuation of Cooperation at the national level.
  • Improve cooperation at international level.
  • To support the implementation of the Strategy of State Policy on Drugs until 2020 and relevant actions plan for 2018 - 2019 on its application according to competences.
  • To consider the possibility of laboratories equipment renewal;
  • Accreditation of forensic laboratories.

Some of them are already achieved as the establishment of the WG which has met already three times (January, March, and June 2019). They have scheduled meetings quarterly.

They already achieved some relevant results, as the preparation of a collaborative exercise, and some changes in legislation regarding NPS.

The achievements of the WG are very relevant and with impact in all the fields of drug policy and practice.

The main objective of the WG is to conduct this year a first Collaborative exertive on drug cutting-substances. Next year a collaborative exercise on controlled substances. Iis a requirement for the labs to be accredited. 

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