Annual General Asembly of Prosecutors


The Tanzania Director of Public Prosecution Office requested EU-ACT Project to provide support with the organisation of the Annual General Assembly of Prosecutors (“Effective Prosecution of Drugs and Organised Crime in Support of Industrial Development in Tanzania”) which was held in Dodoma, Tanzania from January 15 to 17, 2018.

The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) of Tanzania is a public institution, within the National Prosecution Service (NPS), responsible for the prosecution in court on behalf of the State. Public Prosecutors and State Prosecutors throughout Tanzania are active in coordination of investigations into all offenses, including drug trafficking and organised crime offenses.

In order to effectively prosecute drug trafficking, there is a need to strengthen the DPP, by prioritizing its resources, improving specialisation and identifying best practices with a view to taking a common uniform approach that ensures consistency at national level.

In parallel, at regional level, there is also a need to provide with flexible mechanisms that ensure direct contact between prosecutors in the region to enable them to exchange information, based on mutual trust and the identification of best practices to foster joint transnational investigations.

In this sense, the Conference provided an opportunity to launch the regional network of specialised prosecutors as a flexible and informal platform to facilitate the exchange of information, to complement mutual legal assistance and to identify best practices at regional level.

Operative Dimension

Activity Type
  • Strengthening the Public Prosecution Office and, in parallel, fostering Regional Cooperation.
  • Ensure direct contact between prosecutors in the region to enable them to exchange information to foster joint transnational investigations.