BLACK SEA PROSECUTORS NETWORK (BSPN). Online webinar on “Evidence on drug traffic investigations”


On the 16 of December 2020, the Black Sea Prosecutors Network had an on-line meeting in the form of a webinar on the subject "Evidence on drug traffic investigations".

During this session, a presentation was delivered by Ignacio de Lucas, from the Spanish Antidrug Prosecutors Office. The presentation was focused on the different types of evidence, the chain of evidence, the challenging and the management of that evidence. At the end, three case studies were presented for discussion. The session finalized with questions and answers from the participants. Ten prosecutors from Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova and Romania attended this session.

The development of international co-operation and mechanisms to exchange experiences in the investigation and prosecution of drug trafficking at regional and inter-regional level is essential in addressing the criminal groups scattered across the heroin routes.

EU-ACT, the Action against drugs and organized crime Project, cooperates with prosecutors, investigators, magistrates, and state officials from prisons departments and ministries of justice, education, and health.

This Project contributes to regional and trans-regional co-operation and coordination amongst prosecutors and investigators through the organisation of operational meetings to discuss the way ahead for actual trans-national investigations; the project also supports setting up informal networks to share intelligence and to speed up formal legal cooperation procedures.

In this context, EU-ACT promoted the development of the BLACK SEA PROSECUTORS NETWORK (BSPN). Members of this network are Armenia, Bulgaria, Georgia, Iran, Moldova, Romania, and Ukraine, and it is open for other countries of the Balkan Route.

A network of prosecutors specialised in the fight against drug trafficking is a vehicle that contributes to build trust between professionals through direct contact, promoting the exchange of information and identification of best practices in the investigation and prosecution of drugs and its related offences, improving at a regional level the skills of prosecutors who deal with high profile investigations in which organized crime groups are involved.