C3 - Cooperation Initiatives


This component involves the implementation of small-scaled (trans-)regional co-operation initiatives, which can be linked to both Components 1 and 2, or be delivered as separate “stand-alone” events.

Indicative themes to be covered will include:

  • drug trafficking;
  • investigation techniques;
  • prevention of the diversion of precursor chemicals;
  • forensic analysis;
  • judicial co-operation;
  • drug policy and strategy elaboration;
  • drug monitoring and prevention of drug abuse;
  • treatment of drug addicts and support of vulnerable populations;
  • civilian oversight and community-based actions on drug-related measures.

Each (trans-)regional co-operation initiative will focus on a specific and practical issue identified by the beneficiaries, again underlining the “demand-driven” approach of the Project. These (trans-) regional co-operation initiatives focuses on issues such as joint training, operational meetings on actual cases or regional co-operation modalities. When reaching a certain level of maturity, once trust is established, these (trans-)regional co-operation initiatives gradually shift to joint operations.

Depending on the nature of the requests, the initiatives take the form of workshops or seminars on selected topics, with the objective that the result in clearly defined “next-steps”, in order to put any recommendations or lessons learnt into practice. In the case of operational meetings the project will look to provide expert guidance and advice, and where appropriate fund further activities.