Awareness-raising workshop on New Psychoactive Substances for Law Enforcement Agencies


EU-ACT Project will organise, from 6th to 8th June 2018, a 2.5/3-day Workshop on New Psychoactive Substances (NPS) in Ukraine, for officers from a broad spectrum of Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs), i.e. customs officers, police patrols, drug investigators, prisons officers, prosecutors and criminalistics laboratories analysing drug samples.

NPS phenomenon is causing serious concern not only among health services, but also among LEAs, which are first responders in case of illegal trafficking and trading with these substances and have an essential role in preventing that new psychotropic substances are abused of by potential consumers.

EU-ACT is determined to support Ukrainian initiatives, combatting NPS abuse, and based on the requests made by law enforcement agencies, plans to organize awareness-raising workshops for a broad spectrum of LEAs.

Operative Dimension

Activity Type

To raise awareness of the NPS phenomenon, to support the identification of these substances and associated legal issues, to provide patterns of behaviour and procedures by law enforcement agencies in front of NPS substances, and LEA´s first response before NPS overdoses.